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July 5, 2015 Issue

Holly Boyles and Kamryn Burling look over the milkweed they planted in the butterfly garden as part of the Monarch Rescue Project at Sts. Peter and Paul School in Nauvoo.

The Catholic Post/Jennifer Willems

Efforts in diocese echo spirit of Pope Francis' creation encyclical

NAUVOO -- Native prairie grasses, flowers and milkweed aren’t the only things growing in the garden outside Connie Lake’s classroom at Sts. Peter and Paul School here. Math, science and language skills are definitely on the rise, as is respect for God’s creation.

The lessons in life and faith are being learned as the result of the school’s involvement in the Monarch Rescue Project, sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association. Sts. Peter and Paul School received a $2,200 grant to research, plant and study the garden in the hopes of assisting the Monarch butterflies during their migration from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in April and May and back again in October.


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