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February 1, 2015 Issue

In addition to being a subscription to the diocesan newspaper, campaign gifts also support the wide and instant delivery of vital Catholic information through social media and this website.

Support The Catholic Post's 2015 Delivering Unity Campaign

Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, has urged all Catholic households in the Diocese of Peoria to support and read The Catholic Post, calling it a "valuable resource that unites, informs, and inspires us as the Body of Christ in central Illinois."

The newspaper of the Diocese of Peoria has opened its 2015 Delivering Unity Campaign on the theme "Get to Know Your Family of Faith."

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Also In This Issue...

Diocesan 'army' of hundreds give witness at D.C. March for Life

Holy Trinity School, Bloomington is renamed 'Corpus Christi'

St. Thomas School in Philo receives donation of $1 million

75 from Central Catholic H.S. take part in March for Life Chicago

School playground supervisor's funny stories told in new book

Several religious communities will host open houses in February

Community of St. John seeks to be an 'oasis of light and love'

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