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October 26, 2014 Issue

Msgr. Dale Wellman offers a prayer for new DCCW officers, from left: Jane Harris, auditor; Nympha White, treasurer; Joan Weber, vice president; and Agnes Christman, president.

The Catholic Post/Jennifer Willems (More photos from the DCCW convention will be posted on The Catholic Post's Facebook site.)

Diocesan Council of Catholic Women hold, discuss, elections

As often happens when people gather in Illinois these days, the women who attended the convention of the Diocese of Peoria Council of Catholic Women wanted to know how to vote in the upcoming election and keynote speaker Robert Gilligan of the Catholic Conference of Illinois told them.

While he didn’t endorse a single candidate, Gilligan advised them first to form their consciences by seeking the truth, and second to inform themselves about the facts and background of each issue.

“Third, as Catholics, what are we called to do? Pray,” said Gilligan, the executive director of the Catholic Conference of Illinois, the public policy voice for the Illinois bishops and lay Catholics. “Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If every one of us did those things well, we would have none of the problems we have today.”

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